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Flaminal Forte Antimicrobial Alginate Gel 50g


Flaminal® works in three ways to effect wound healing.

1. Keeps the wound moist through its hydrating properties;

2. Cleans the wound by breaking down the old and dying tissue and taking it out via absorption into the gel structure &

3. Kills the bacteria in the wound using its broad spectrum antibacterial enzyme system¹.

Flaminal® is recommended for use on a wide variety of wounds including –

  • Chronic and traumatic wounds;
  • 2nd degree burns;
  • Leg ulcers;
  • Diabetic ulcers;
  • Pressure ulcers;
  • Surgical & post-operative wounds;
  • Skin tears;
  • Complex grazes &
  • Wounds from dermatosurgery.

Choose Flaminal® Forte for moderate to heavily exuding wounds.

Change from Flaminal® Forte to Flaminal® Hydro as exudate reduces

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